Former Chargers Garay Signs With Jets

Antonio Garay - San Francisco 49ers v San Diego Chargers

Garay making a stop to Alex Smith

The New York Jets have announced that they have came to terms on a 1 year contract with former San Diego Chargers nose-tackle Antonio Garay.

Antonio Garay was the San Diego Chargers nose-tackle for the past 3 seasons and in his 1st 2 seasons with the team he really rose some eyebrows to the team and it felt like they were going to sign him to a long term contract but when the 2012 season came coming Garay had been dealing with injuries and the Chargers having a lot of faith in Aubrayo Franklin who the team brought in to replace him at defensive tackle.

Looking at the role Garay will have with the Jets it seems more on the lines as a depth move and with the Jets having Kendrick Ellis as the teams starting nose-tackle it seems more on the lines of Garay becoming a backup in New York.

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