Steelers Sign QB Bruce Gradkowski

Bruce Gradkowski - New York Jets v Cincinnati Bengals

Gradkowski with the Bengals –Image from–

As we are in day 2 of the NFL Free Agent signing period the Pittsburgh Steelers have made headlines that they have signed former Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Bruce Gradkowski to a 3 year contract.

The signing coming 24 hours after Bruce Gradkowski landed in Pittsburgh for a visit with the team. And now that Gradkowski is a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers for the next 3 seasons it could really put a damper on the return hopes of free agent quarterback Byron Leftwich to return to the team.

Bruce Gradkowski during his 8 year NFL career has been bounced around from team to team serving as a backup and having a few occasional starts a season. This past season Bruce Gradkowski was with the Cincinnati Bengals as 2nd year player Andy Dalton‘s backup quarterback. Coming to the Pittsburgh Steelers Gradkowski will continue to serve as backup quarterback but this time under Big Ben.


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