A Big Year For Albert?

Albert Pujols is coming off his first full season with a new in the Los Angeles Angels.  He started off with probably his worst ever start in his 12 year career. He ended the season with 30 homers, 105 RBIs, .285 AVG, and 607 ABs.  He did get more at bats with the Angles because he can be placed at a DH and be more flexible with being in the AL this year.

Now the big question is can Albert bounce back and come out hot instead of waiting toward the end of the season? Albert did finish his spring training debut yesterday and did go hit less.  I don’t take this as a bad thing.

“I need to get my at-bats,” Pujols said. “It doesn’t matter how much you hit in the cage. You need to see live pitching.”

“The main goal is to come out of here healthy and to be ready for the season,” Pujols said.

“He wanted to see some velocity and he got to see some,” Scioscia said. “Some of those guys had some high octane.”

Now we all would like to think that Albert can come out with another big season and do what he does, but with the young talent the Angels have around him and how Albert can have less pressure and even playing time this will of course hit his numbers. To me it looks like the way I see Albert doing is having less numbers and less games. He of course is on the older side and could always surprise us with another huge season, but this year I don’t see it.Albert+Pujols+Chicago+White+Sox+v+Los+Angeles+8CoqmjCBJb6l

Now many people are still comparing Albert with players like Prince Fielder, and Joey Votto. I still think that Pujols could be a top 3 player at first, but the younger is the new thing this year. Votto looks to have a big season and Fielder wants that ring on his hand.  So I feel like there are many more that could take over that top spot from Albert.

Lastly you have to throw in the injury factor into his success this season. He did have surgery last season on his knee and has been told that he is “ahead of schedule” on a rehab statement.  To me I think that Albert should be happy about being on the Angels (which he is) because with all the young players on the team he really doesn’t have to come back as quick as he did as say with the Cardinals in the past years. Like I said earlier I don’t think that Pujols will have the big of season as people think, but he could always surprise us anytime.


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