Report: Jose Valverde To Pitch In WBC?

Jose Valverde - ALCS - Detroit Tigers v New York Yankees - Game One

Jose Valverde with Tigers in 2012 ALCS

Former Detroit Tigers and current free agent Jose Valverde has announced that he will be joining team Dominican Republic the World Baseball Classic.

Looking at the situation in free agency for Valverde it seemed that he wasn’t going to be signed for a little while longer. This is a great opportunity for teams that are interested in Valverde to look at him while he is pitching for team Dominican Republic.

This off season it was rumored that the Miami Marlins had interested in bringing in Valverde and that they were close to deal but a report came out that their was not a deal in place from the Marlins to Valverde.

When looking at potential suitors at this point of Jose Valverde their are a few teams that come to mind one being the New York Mets due to the clubs uncertainty at keep Frank Francisco at closer heading into the 2013 Major League Baseball season.

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