Arizona Diamondbacks Acquire Tony Campana From Cubs

Campana showing his skills on the base path.

Today the Arizona Diamondbacks landed former Chicago Cubs outfielder Tony Campana but Campana came with a cost. The Arizona Diamondbacks sent Jesus Castillo and Erick Leal both of who are both minor league pitchers.

Tony Campana was designated for an assignment this week right after the Chicago Cubs struck a deal with Scott Hairston and with the signing of Hairston, Campana’s chances of getting playing time was growing smaller and smaller in Chicago. He will now be joining the Arizona Diamondbacks in hopes to join the team as a bench player. Campana has a great particular set of skills that makes him a great pick up for any team. Campana can hit and he is very dangerous with his speed on the base bath making him a threat to any team that see’s him on the base path.

During his tenure with the Chicago Cubs, Campana has  a career batting average of .262 with 54 career stolen bases. If Campana gets beat out as bench role for the Arizona Diamondbacks expect him to be at the team’s Triple-A level preparing to get the call at anytime to make the jump back to the Major Leagues.


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