Shelby Miller Time?

Everything thing great comes to an end, but everything must began a new greatness.  With the Cardinals coming off yet another great year they look to start off hot and end with the same result.  With Kyle Loshe wanting too much money and not coming to a deal, it make just more room for young prospect pitcher Shelby Miller.  Miller is only 22 and has been blowing up the minors and has shown that he can be in a big league rotation at anytime.Shelby+Miller+Cincinnati+Reds+v+St+Louis+Cardinals+sOYqkMDCEssl

There are so many other reasons why Miller could be in the starting rotation in no time.  First of course is the Kyle Loshe situation, like I said earlier. Second is with Chris Carpenter coming out and saying that he will mostly be out for the year with many injuries.  This brings a whole big opportunity for Miller to be in the STL soon.  I really like Miller and I think that the Cardinals are going to put him in the right spot to succeed and grow into a better pitcher. Even with Jamie Garcia being injured some of the time it gave Shelby Miller to get some more big league experience.

 “It was pretty cool,” Miller said. “Definitely, when they told me I was going to be put back on the roster, it was a pretty sweet experience. You go from pitching in the regular season out of the bullpen and getting to start. Then, unfortunately, Jaime gets hurt and I’m the guy that gets to go on the roster. That meant a lot to me. There are other guys who could have done it, so that just means that St. Louis has a lot of trust in me. That was awesome, and I’m just thankful for the experiences they gave me.”

He is a fireballer and could be seen in the Majors during his 2013 campaign.  Look out fans the young ones are taking over!

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