Top 10 Catchers For Fantasy Baseball 2013

The list continues with the 2013 fantasy baseball rankings.  Today we come to you with the Top 10 Catchers in the upcoming season.  If you think that the list should go  a different way or you think some other player should be in the list make sure to hit me up on Twitter! Lets kick this off!

10: Salvador Perez, KC C.  The ten spot is always hard for me to narrow down, but I think that Perez could be a solid late round pick. He could be a 15 homer guy, and bring in about 70 RBI’s.

9:  Wilin Rosario, Col C.  Now Rosario does bring some power and a good average.  He could be a 20+ homer guy and bring in about 70 RBI’s. I really don’t think Ill pick him this year, but he could be a great sleeper in my book.

8: Mike Napoli, Bos C, 1B. I have always liked Napoli and I still think he is a solid pick for any league.  Now the only problem is that if he can produce with a new team and be healthy through out the year.  He could have a 30 homer season and have a great impact for any team.

7:  Miguel Montero, Ari C.  Montero is a player to always to look out for in a draft.  To me it always seems like he never goes were I think he would go, but if you get a chance to get him in a later round I would try to do it.

6: Victor Martinez, Det C, DH. With him being out for the season last year you look for him to come out hot.  I really liked him going into last season than he got hurt.  I really don’t see much power this year, but could be a decent pick for a team in later rounds.

5: Carlos Santana, Cle C, 1B, DH.  I think that Santana will have a nice year and have a consistent year. With out a doubt I think I will being taking one of my picks on him.  There may be some other options though.

4. Joe Mauer, Min C, 1B, DH.  Even though that Mauer has been hurt a lot and has been down the last couple years, I think that the Twins have found were to play him at the right spots and keep him healthy in the season.  I really only see about 10 or 11 homers this year, but he could have a better average and more RBI’s.

3. Matt Wieters, Bal C. I think that the three spot for Wiethers is right on spot and he could have a big year. He should us last year that he can be a starter in a league. I think this year is the same. Even though the average isn’t there he brings the RBI’s and homers to the table.

2. Yadier Molina, StL C. Last year Molina surprised me a lot.  I think with the new coaching staff and with new players that could just make it easier on Molina and still have the kind of year he did last year. He could be the first catcher I take in the draft.

1. Buster Posey, SF C, 1B.  Of course Posey is the top guy and could even go in the first rounds.  I think that he will have the close to same outcome to the season like he did last year. You may even see close to 20+ homers and have a close to 100 RBI’s.

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