Buffalo Bills ReSign Tarvaris Jackson

Buffalo Bills lead reporter Chris Brown has reported that the Buffalo Bills and quarterback Tarvaris Jackson have agreed on a brand new 1 year contract. Tarvaris Jackson - Seattle Seahawks v St. Louis Rams

Chris Brown also reported that the Buffalo Bills will be having a open competition heading into Training Camp between Ryan Fitzpatrtick and Tarvaris Jackson. When you look at the situation in Buffalo the open competition heading into Training Camp is understandable, Ryan Fitzpatrick in the past 2 seasons has led to back to back solid wins to start the season but the winning streak would be short lived. In the past 2 seasons Fitzpatrick would lead the Buffalo Bills to only 12 victories and 20 losses and his time as starting quarterback is really in jeopardy.

It’s time to start looking for other options at the quarterback position. Tarvaris Jackson despite not having a successful career with the Minnesota Vikings he is a good dual-threat quarterback. Jackson is a type of quarterback who displays solid arm strength and is a scrambling type of quarterback and is very efficient when he is outside the pocket. With the new look at head coach and offensive coordinator for the Buffalo Bills Jackson could feel right at home with the offense that is going to be run under new coach Doug Marrone.

Their is no doubt that the competition for the Buffalo Bills starting quarterback role during Training Camp is going to be a must watch competition.

Image from Zimbio.com

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