Top 10 First Basemen For Fantasy Baseball

With spring training coming upon us we here at the Nation Sports Blog thought that we would help you fans out for this year’s fantasy baseball season.  Today we come to you with our Top 10 First Baseman for this year’s season. Lets kick this of with number ten!

10: Paul Goldschmidt, Ari 1B. I really never took a chance on him, but this year he could be a great later round guy and even could bring great power and maybe some stolen bases.

9:  Freddie Freeman, Atl 1B.  Now this tenth pick was hard for me to choose I could have went have Eric Hosmer, Ike Davis, and Carlos Santana.  It was hard, but I think that Freeman would be a solid pick for any league or team.  I have always liked Freeman and I think he is a 25+ homer guy and could bring in 95+ RBI’s.  I really don’t see any injury risks so why not take a chance on a great hitter?

8: Allen Craig, StL 1B, OF.  Now Craig is a guy I’m very high on this year.  I really never see him never not hit, he is a great average hitter and can also bring in about 25+ homers (if healthy).  He is also eligible to play some outfield here and there.  Now that the Cardinals know that he can produce some offense and be a every day starter at first look for his stats to increase a whole bunch.

7: Adrian Gonzalez, LAD 1B.  Gonzalez has been another guy I’ve loved to have on my team every year.  With him on a new team of the Dodgers you look for him to meet expectations and try to improve his game.   I really think he is a 20+ homer guy and can also rack up 100+ RBI’s.  I have seen his power down in the past years, but that projection of 20+ homers could rise before opening day.

6: Billy Butler, KC 1B, DH. Now with Eric Hosmer being one of those “top guys” in KC you look for Butler to be more of DH than a first baseman.  Really I would still take him because he is a still eligible at first.  If he really can get some great at bats this season I look at him getting close at 30 homers.  He can even get close to 110 RBI’s also.  I of course don’t see him getting picked till about the 3rd or 4th round.  I love Butler this year.Billy+Butler+Seattle+Mariners+v+Kansas+City+OkqGWIIVzHXl

5: Edwin Encarnacion, Tor 1B, DH.  Now to me if I get a chance to get Edwin this year, I am. I really like him this year and could even hit 40 homers.  That power in Toronto is a plus for him for runs and RBI’s. He will get close to 100 RBI’s and even maybe get hit .285 AVG. If you can I prefer for you to pick him.

4: Buster Posey, SF C, 1B.  With Posesy bringing out a great end half of the year last year you look for that to carry over.  I really like him this year, because he can play catcher and first.  With his great hitting and will get well over .300 AVG and get about 20 homers this year.  This is another player I like and if healthy could be at the top of my list next year even.

3:  Prince Fielder, Det 1B. A lot of people are ranking high this high (like I am), but I don’t think he will have a “as big” season. I do see him getting about 30 homers, and bringing about 110 RBI’s. Despite playing a deep position, Fielder is the kind of elite slugger worth his price tag.

2: Joey Votto, Cin 1B.  I think Votto is a solid pick this year and could be in MVP shape this year.  Look out for him in the first rounds.  I see about 25+ homers and 95+ RBI’s out of him also.

1: Albert Pujols, LAA 1B, DH.  He has really been down the last couple years, but I believe  he still has a couple top years to go. His new levels of production he’ll pile up the runs and RBIs. No longer a lock for the No. 1 overall pick in fantasy, Pujols nevertheless ranks up there with the 10 best in the game.

I hope this is some help for you’re team and make sure to like us on Facebook and look out  for more Top 10 rankings to come out very soon!

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