Exclusive Interview: Carlo Prater

Justin Godsey: How did you get interested into the style of Mixed Martial Arts ?

Carlo Prater: When I was a kid I did some traditional martial arts. I started wrestling in middle school and the all the rest soon after that when I was a teenager.


Justin Godsey: When you became a pro MMA fighter was your main goal to fight in the UFC ?

Carlo Prater: Yes. It was. I always felt like I would fight there.


Justin Godsey: Who became your biggest influence in Mixed Martial Arts ?

Carlo Prater: In the beginning I liked Royce, then Ruas, then Frank Shamrock, then after going pro and training with him Yves Edwards. Other important influences of mine in martial arts have been have been Jeff Lindsay, Julio Pudim, Saul Soliz and Kru Nilson Jr.


Justin Godsey: Your 1st Pro fight came with a victory against Frank Alcala how exciting were you to pick up your 1st pro victory ?

Carlo Prater: I wasn’t too excited because I had another fight that night because it was a 4 man tournament. I won the tournament and was hooked on the rush.


Justin Godsey: You are apart of the Association Thugujitsu along with Ricky Long how has your trainers help step your game up ?

Carlo Prater: “Thugjitsu” is the modern art of the beatdown, as developed by Yves Edwards. He came up with a hybrid style that was equal in all its parts, effective, efficient and brutal. He formed his own fight club in Houston called the “Third Column”, they all used “Thugjitsu” when they fought. Rocky and I, along with Saul Soliz, Tim Credeur, Lewis Wood and others all trained together and sort of unofficially formed the Thugjitsu team, out of Houston, TX.


Justin Godsey: After years of fighting around the world you signed a contract with WEC how exciting was that for you ? 

Carlo Prater: That was really exciting for me, signing a multi-fight deal with Zuffa.


Justin Godsey: In your debut bout in WEC you fought Carlos Condit for the Welterweight title would you say, that the bout was the biggest of your career at that time ?

Carlo Prater: At the time, yes, it WAS my greatest accomplishment in the sport.


Justin Godsey: From 2008 – 2011 you fought on the independent circuit and had a bout in Strikeforce but in 2012 the UFC reached out to you and wanted to sign you to a contract. How exciting was that for you ?

Carlo Prater: That was an incredible moment in my career.


Justin Godsey: In your debut bout for the UFC was against Erick Silva and you won via DQ via illegal strikes to the head from Silva. Do you and Silva have any bad blood against each other ? and do you wish to get back in the Octagon against him some time soon ?

Carlo Prater: No, no bad blood at all. We respect each other and have bumped into each other since then and chatted. He’s a good guy and I wish him success in the future. I just want to get back into the UFC and prove I belong, I will fight whoever I need for that to happen.


Justin Godsey: You are currently not apart of the UFC do you plan on working your back to the organization ?

Carlo Prater: Of course. I look forward to a stellar 2013, and a return to the octagon.


Justin Godsey: 2012 is coming to a close and 2013 is on the horizon what are we to expect from Carlo Prater in 2013 ?

Carlo Prater: I feel energized and ready for an incredible year and will try to make it my best yet in many regards, in and out of the cage.Follow me on twitter @TheOneMMA and like The Official Carlo Prater Fan page on FB and look forward to a revamped http://www.carloprater.com and http://www.muaythai.com.br


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