Exclusive Interview: Shawn O’Dare

Justin Godsey: Why do you think it is important to stay connected with the fans and where can we reach out to you ?

Shawn O’Dare: I think it’s very important to stay connected to fans because they are what keep our game going. Without fans making the sport as popular as it is, then we would not be able to play collegiality and professionally. I stay connected to fans on social media websites such as Facebook & Twitter (@SODCanes28)


Justin Godsey: Growing up in Vero Beach Florida you had the Dolphins and the Jaguars did you watch them growing up ?

Shawn O’Dare: Yes, I was a huge Dolphins fan growing up and still am today. I remember going to my first Dolphins game with my family seeing them play Mike Vick when he was on the Falcons when it was still called Pro Player Stadium.


Justin Godsey: Who is your favorite NFL player and why ?

Shawn O’Dare: My favorite NFL players of all time are Dan Marino & Sean Taylor. Marino, because he was a great Quarterback for my favorite team. Sean Taylor because he was such a passionate and special player, also because he went to The U.


Justin Godsey: Who influenced you into playing football ?

Shawn O’Dare: I was influenced since I was a child when I watched games with my family, and went to watch the Canes play at the Orange Bowl.


Justin Godsey: You went to High School at Vero Beach High School tell us about your career at Vero Beach ?

Shawn O’Dare: I started at Quarterback my Junior & Senior year. I got to play with people like Bryan Stork, who is FSU’s starting Center now, and Zeke Motta who starts at Safety for Notre Dame.


Justin Godsey: In 2007 and 2008 you lead your High School team to the district championships what was that like ?

Shawn O’Dare: It was a great feeling. Vero has a tradition of winning, and to bring back to back district championships to the high school and city for the first time in years was exciting for everyone.


Justin Godsey: During High School you also played Basketball was hard to play 2 sports ?

Shawn O’Dare: I think playing multiple sports is a great way to expand your athletic ability, and stay in shape. My basketball coach liked players who played football because it made them tougher on the court.


Justin Godsey: Now, after High School you had the choice to play Basketball or Football collegiality what made you choose Football ?

Shawn O’Dare: I have always had a love for football; there is no feeling that can match scoring a touchdown and hearing the crowd cheer after.


Justin Godsey: You signed your LOI to sign at Jacksonville State were their other options out their for ?

Shawn O’Dare: I signed to play at Jacksonville University as a Quarterback. I had other schools looking at me such as FAU, but I thought JU was the best option at the time.


Justin Godsey: In 2010 you played your 1st and only season at Jacksonville State what was it like and how did Coach Bell improve your skill ?

Shawn O’Dare: I did not stay at JU very long, it was not the right situation for me, so I decided to transfer quickly.


Justin Godsey: What made you decide to transfer from Jacksonville State to the U of Miami ?

Shawn O’Dare: It was always my dream to play at the University of Miami since I was a child, and to have the opportunity put in front of me was too good of an option to pass up.


Justin Godsey: On your way to the U you transferred from being a QB to a WR how hard was it changing positions?

Shawn O’Dare: It was definitely different because I played Quarterback my whole life, but I saw it as a challenge I looked forward to. I told Coach Shannon that I would play wherever he needed me, and he said Receiver was the best spot at the time.


Justin Godsey: What advice can you give to High School players wanting to play College Football?

Shawn O’Dare: The best advice I can give is that no dream is unattainable. Work as hard as you can, make the right decisions, work as hard in the classroom as you do on the field, and you will be successful. Your size cannot measure your heart and desire, so if you want it bad enough you can achieve whatever you want.


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