Carlos Pena Signs With The Houston Astros

According to multiple sources the Houston Astros and free agent 1st baseman Carlos Pena have agreed on a 1 year 2.9 million dollar deal. Carlos Pena - Tampa Bay Rays v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Pena last season spent the year with the Tampa Bay Rays in which was his returning year, the season prior he played for the Chicago Cubs and had a really solid season for the club, but he decided not to resign with the team.Instead he resigned with the Rays under a 1 year contract. In his returning season with the the Rays Pena had declined year. Pena a capable 30+ home run hitter only hit 19 home runs last year a deep decline from his time with the Cubs. Pena also had 66 RBI’s and batted a dreadful .197.

Pena who recently just turned 34 will be joining the Astros and will contribute to a team in which needs a lot of help power wise and Pena will have the ultimate opportunity to bounce back from a declined year with the Tampa Bay Rays. Pena will be used as the Astros designated hitter as well as backup 1st baseman.


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