Yankees Interested In Vernon Wells ?

Vernon Wells - Seattle Mariners v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

According to Jon Heyman of CBSSports.com the New York Yankees have expressed interest in trading for Los Angeles Angels outfielder Vernon Wells.

With the recent signing of Josh Hamilton to the Angels the Angels have been discussing who will be the likely man out of this crowded out field which features Mike Trout, Mark Trumbo, Josh Hamilton, Peter Bourjos and Kole Calhoun. And by reports it seems obvious that Wells is that man out.

The Yankees came into the off season looking at possible replacements for current free agent right fielder Nick Swisher. The Bronx Bombers were able to reach an agreement with outfielder Ichiro Suzuki who will more likely be the Yankees starting right fielder at the start of the season.

The Yankees have had their mind set on adding more depth to their outfield it was rumored that they have been linked to former New York Mets outfielder Scott Hairston, former Atlanta Braves outfielder Michael Bourn and now Vernon Wells.

The Yankees would like to get Wells from the Angels but their is a big boulder in the middle of the way it is that large contract that Wells has. Wells is to make 42 million over the next 2 seasons. And if the deal goes through the Angels would have to eat most of his contract just to trade him away.

If Vernon Wells is traded to the Yankees he is more likely to be used as the Yankees reserve outfielder with Curtis Granderson in center, Ichiro in right and Brett Gardner in left their isn’t a spot in the outfield for Wells. The bench does need help also and Vernon Wells would be a solid acquirement to use in big time situations.


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