Los Angeles Dodgers Acquire Skip Schumaker

According to Dylan Hernandez of the Los Angeles Times the Los Angeles Dodgers have acquired St. Louis Cardinals 2nd baseman Skip Schumaker. It is still yet to be announced on who exactly the St. Louis Cardinals will be getting in return. Skip Schumaker - St Louis Cardinals v Los Angeles Dodgers

According to the Los Angeles Times. This deal came when new Los Angeles Dodgers hitting coach Mark McGwire told the Dodgers to pursue Skip Shumaker.

The Los Angeles Dodgers announced yesterday evening that the team is done pursing pitching but they did not say that they were done looking for hitting. The signing of Schumaker will provide depth at 2nd base for the Los Angeles Dodgers who currently have Mark Ellis as their starting 2nd baseman and even in the outfield if needed.

Skip Schumaker spent the last 8 seasons with the St. Louis Cardinals. During his tenure with the team Skip aided the Cardinals in winning the 2011 World Series knocking off the Texas Rangers. Skip in his 8 seasons with the Cardinals has a career batting average of .288 with 23 home runs and 211 RBI’s.

Image from: Zimbio.com


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