South Carolina’s Marcus Lattimore To Enter NFL Draft

Marcus Lattimore - South Carolina v Kentucky

Yes, it is true South Carolina Gamecocks running back Marcus Lattimore will be entering the 2013 NFL Draft.

Marcus Lattimore has been no stranger to injuries in his College football career he sustained a ACL injury during the 2011 season and last season his chances of being in the NFL came to a big halt when he went down with a really hard to see leg injury. But the doctors did notify Lattimore that once he is 100% he will be able to continue football related activities such as preparing for the South Carolina Gamecocks Pro Day.

Doing a lot of research on the situation many sports outlets predicted that Marcus Lattimore will forgo the NFL Draft this year and come back to play in his senior season for the South Carolina Gamecocks but deciding to forgo his final season of eligibility and going straight to the NFL Draft will really tough. Lattimore before he went down was ranked as the best running back in the 2013 NFL Draft but his stock drastically fell when he went down.

Their is still a lot of time from now to the draft and this gives Lattimore a big window to get back into the groove of things before the Gamecocks Pro Day.

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