Exclusive Interview: Connor Dietz

Connor Dietz played quarterback at the United States Air Force Academy. Connor was recruited by the Falcons back in 2008 

and served as the teams QB for all 4 years in College. During his career at the United States Air Force Academy Connor was known 

for his amazing ability to use his speed out of the pocket which became a huge trait for the young quarterback. Connor in his career 

with the Falcons appeared in 21 games for the team passing for 392 yards and rushing for 678. Please enjoy the interview. 

Justin Godsey: Why do you think it is important to connect with your fans ?

Connor Dietz:  I think it is extremely important because without fans the game would be nothing.  Their support means everything and inspires me to be my best.

Justin Godsey: As a young kid who inspired you in the sport of football ?

Connor Dietz: My dad and brother did..they both played and taught me how to play the game.

Justin Godsey: Who was your favorite team and player growing up ?

Connor Dietz: Growing up, I was always a fan of the Cleveland Browns and Chicago Bears. And I was always a big fan of Eddie George.

Justin Godsey: What was your High School football experience like ?

Connor Dietz: It was awesome, couldn’t ask for anything more from it.  Great community, great team, and great success.

Justin Godsey: During your High School career you were the captain for the 2006-2007 season. How did it feel leading your squad ?

Connor Dietz: Being chosen to be the captain for your team is the greatest honor you can have. I was proud to be the leader and go out to represent our team.

Justin Godsey: You also played basketball in High School was it hard playing 2 sports ?

Connor Dietz: I also played lacrosse until my junior year, it was tough playing that many but it kept me busy and in shape which I loved!

Justin Godsey:  During your football career in High School you lead your team to the Ohio Division I championship game ? what was it like playing in a huge game like that ?

Connor Dietz: It was our schools first state championship game so it was the greatest opportunity I had up to that point in my life.We were playing for a lot more than just ourselves, it was more than a game. It was surreal at the time, sometimes I still cant believe what we accomplished.

Justin Godsey:  After High School came the fun part College recruitment.What teams were looking at you and offered you a full-ride ?

Connor Dietz: I was looking at some schools in the MAC conference being from around that part of the country and some smaller BIG TEN schools.

Justin Godsey: What made you choose the Air Force Falcons as your college of choosing ?

Connor Dietz: It was a great place with so much opportunity for my future.  I was excited at the thought to be apart of a very good team in a great conference, playing big time schools around the country. also the people here were really what made my decision easy as they were great.

Justin Godsey: What was the last thing that your High School football coach said to you before you left to play football for the Air Force Falcons ?

Connor Dietz: Just told me to be myself, do what I do and get through the tough stuff because it will all be worth it.

Justin Godsey: In 2008, and the new guy on the Air Force campus who helped you get situated in to the College lifestyle ?

Connor Dietz: The older guys who looked out for me. They really helped me adapt to the new lifestyle and college football. I owe it all to them.

Justin Godsey: What was your 1st spring game like for the Falcons ?

Connor Dietz: I was pretty nervous, because the spring is where you can either make it or break it as a young player.

Justin Godsey: In your 1st game for the Falcons what was going through your mind before you ran out on to the field ?

Connor Dietz: Just didn’t to let anyone down, I wanted to go out there and play my game and prove to myself that I can do this. It really helped build my confidence.

Justin Godsey: You saw a lot of playing time your Sophomore year appearing in 7 games and starting 3 tell us about your Sophomore season ?

Connor Dietz: Was a chance for me to showcase what i could do on the college field.  It was awesome to get my feet wet and get that experience to help me the rest of my career.

Justin Godsey: You started 3 games your sophomore year and you faced off against Utah Utes, TCU Horned Frogs and San Diego State which game really took you to your limits ?

Connor Dietz: Utah…all the games were great, especially playing a top ten ranked team in TCU, but Utah I felt was really where I became the player I wanted to be. I played the whole game with a broken hand and had a great game, almost pulling off the upset at their place in overtime as they were ranked #15.

Justin Godsey: Tell us about your Junior year of football ?

Connor Dietz: Did what the team and coaches asked me to do, whatever that was. Coming into games to bring a spark and make plays when I was called in.

Justin Godsey: What made your Senior year at Air Force so special to you ?

Connor Dietz: Just playing with the group of guys that I had spent 4 years with through blood, sweat and tears.

Justin Godsey: This season for the Falcons you aided the team to a .500 record of 6-6 and you will be taking on Rice in the Bell Helicopter Bowl vs. Rice how are you preparing yourself ?

Connor Dietz: Just getting healthy so i can go out one last time and have fun.  Try and be the best that i can be for the guys im playing along next to.  Go out on top.

Justin Godsey: Your a senior in college now, What are your plans after college ?

Connor Dietz: I will take some time off after the game, attend the Pro Day in March and then start a logistics job in Tampa Bay in March as well.

Justin Godsey: Do you have any advice you can give to any aspiring High School football players wanting to play football ?

Connor Dietz: I would just say that there is no substitute for hard work.  Go out and do your best leaving it all out there so you know what you are fully capable of.


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