MLB: Top 3 Winners of The Winter Meetings

3. Tampa Bay Rays

Now dont get me wrong the Tampa Bay Rays did really improve their team both power wise and defensively.The Rays during the winter meetings signed free agent 1st baseman James Loney and were able to acquire Yunel Escobar from the Miami Marlins for a prospect. When you look at the acquirement of James Loney he will serve as the Rays everyday 1st baseman taking over the roll for former Rays 1st baseman Carlos Pena who had a disappointing season last year. Loney was a great grab for the Rays he is has a very solid bat and can hit for power which is a must need for the Rays. Now looking over at Yunel Escobar he will bring something positive when it involves fielding. Escobar through out his career has been most noticed for his terrific defensive skills and great defense is a must need for all teams. Yunel wont be a everyday home run highlight reel type hitter but can really show up in games when the opportunity is his.


2. San Francisco Giants

Yes, the San Francisco Giants made the top 3 list. They made the list because of how they were able to re-sign both big time players that helped win their 2 World Series title in 3 years Angel Pagan who signed a 4 year deal and Marco Scutaro who signed a 3 year deal with the Giants during the meetings. It was a long and hard process to get the job done for the Giants but they were able to pull it off. Now that Pagan and Scuatro are signed it is now time for the Giants to start adding depth to their outfield and add a pitcher or 2 to the bullpen now that Brian Wilson is gone and is still on the market.


Mike Napoli - Texas Rangers v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

1. Boston Red Sox

The Boston Red Sox is the #1 team in the list due to their outstanding signings of Mike Napoli and Shane Victorino. The Boston Red Sox have maid clear to Mike Napoli that he will not be behind the plate to start the season he will be at 1st base hense being named the starter at 1st base for the Sox as Jarrod Saltalamacchia will be given the everyday catching duties for the Red Sox as David Ross another acquirement for the Red Sox will be backing him up at catcher. Now as for Shane Victorino it will be really really where the Sox will place him it will more than likely be butting him in left field and not in center where he played for most of his career in Philadelphia and 1/2  of a season last year with the Dodgers. The Boston Red Sox have gone from being a team which will not contend to a team who are right on the verge of really contending verse the likes of the developed Baltimore Orioles, Toronto Blue Jays and Tampa Bay Rays.


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