ACC: Cavaliers QB Rocco Leaves Team

Michael Rocco - Chick Fil-A Bowl - Virginia v Auburn

Breaking news coming out of the Virginia Cavaliers coaching office, junior quarterback Micheal Rocco was granted his release from the Virginia Cavaliers football program earlier this morning.

Quarterback Michael Rocco has spent the last 3 seasons with the Virginia Cavaliers but 2012 was one of his most difficult season he had to bare with he had to split time with sophomore quarterback Phillip Sims who is heading into the 2013 College Football season as the Virginia Cavaliers starting quarterback.

In the 3 seasons as quarterback for the Cavaliers Rocco passed for over 4000 yards and threw for a total of 27 touchdowns and was picked off 24 times so far in his college career. Rocco still has one more season of college eligibility left.

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