Detroit Tigers Sign Torii Hunter

Torii Hunter (

According to Ken Rosenthal of the Detroit Tigers and outfielder Torii Hunter have agreed on a 2 year contract worth up to 26 million dollars.

With Hunter joining the Detroit Tigers this ended his 5 year tenure with the Los Angeles Angels. Hunter joined the LA Angels in 2007 after turning down an 45 million dollar contract with the Minnesota Twins and signed with the Angels where he was paid up to 90 million dollars and replacing outfielder Gary Matthews Jr. in the process.

In Torii Hunter’s 5 seasons with the Los Angeles Angels he has accumulated a very solid tenure with the team he hit a total of 105 home runs and 432 RBI’s.

When Opening Day 2013 comes you will be seeing Torii Hunter playing right field for the Detroit Tigers with Austin Jackson playing center and rising Tigers star Quintin Berry playing left field Hunter will fit in well at right. This means that Andy Dirks will likely be serving an back up outfielder.

Looking at the Angels in this situation it will be no problem at all replacing Hunter. According to the teams website their outfield depth chart is as followed. Left field will be played by American League Rookie of the Year Mike Trout, center field will be played by Peter Bourjos and right field will be played by slugger Mark Trumbo. Backing up these stars will be former Arizona State stand out Kole Calhoun who has moved up fast in the minor leagues and struggling outfielder Vernon Wells who since the start of his career has been in struggle to get back on track from his days with the Toronto Blue Jays. The Angels and Tigers have a lot of potential going forward with the move the Angels will now have Trumbo as their everyday right fielder and for the Tigers Hunter will be their starting right fielder.



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