Exclusive Interview: Shamar Bailey

Justin Godsey: How do you connect with your fans and why do you think it is important to stay in contact with the fans ?

Shamar Bailey: I respond to almost all fans on Twitter and Facebook as well as my web page email. Fans also send mail and items for autograph to Integrated Fighting Academy.


Justin Godsey: Growing up you were home schooled until you are a senior in High School where you attended Center Grove High School tell us about your Senior year of wrestling at CGHS

Shamar Bailey: That was a big year for me. Went from being in school with just my siblings to a HS of over 2,000 students. That was the first year I got on a weight lifting program. And the first year I got to compete on an organized varsity team. Went undefeated during the regular season 32-0.


Justin Godsey: From CGHS you attended college at Maranatha Baptist in Wisconsin where you completely dominated the competition at Maranatha. What was the college wrestling experience like ?

Shamar Bailey: It was great. My first college match ever I pinned the guy ranked 3rd in the nation in NAIA. Match right after that on the same day, I got pinned. It was a huge wake up call for me. I went to a small bible college so they weren’t exactly a power house. So I had to go all over to train with ppl that would push me. Ended up being the 1st athlete from that school to ever qualify for an NCAA National Championship Tournament, with over 100 career wins.


Justin Godsey: After college did you have any thoughts on becoming an professional fighter ?

Shamar Bailey: No. I did not enjoy watching the UFC.


Justin Godsey: When you returned to Indianapolis after graduation you got noticed from Chris Lytle and Jake O’Brien and began training with them how has Lytle and O’Brien help step your game up ?

Shamar Bailey: Anytime you can train with people that have been through the same battles and level competition that you have, it’s always a helpful influence on your training and mentality.


Justin Godsey: In 2006 you turned pro and took on Jason Cook at United Fight League 6 how did it feel picking up your 1st pro victory ?

Shamar Bailey: Felt good I was hooked.


Justin Godsey: 5 years later you got a call form the UFC asking you to be on the Ultimate Fighter what was the phone call like and who was it who called you ?

Shamar Bailey: One of the producers of the show called me to tell me I had been chosen for the seasons cast. I realized at that time that my life would never be the same. And I was right.


Justin Godsey: In every season of TUF the house gets really intense at times what are some of your memories at the house ?

Shamar Bailey: Just the everyday grind of bring stuck in the house. And knowing your only options were the house or the gym. No tv, books, music, etc.


Justin Godsey: During TUF you were chosen by Junior Dos Santos what was Junior like as a coach ?

Shamar Bailey: He was very knowledgeable and was good at gettin the most out of us while keeping the mood light.


Justin Godsey: After TUF you continued to be with UFC for a little until Nov. 19th of 2011 you were released from the company, From their did you want to work your way back to the UFC ?

Shamar Bailey: Yes. That’s what I’m currently doing. Fights outside the ufc are tough. Everyone you fight will treat it like a world championship because they see beating you as a ticket to big show. I’m currently coming off a KO win and hoping to chain together a few more of those.


Justin Godsey: This past June you were scheduled out of the ShoFight 20 where you were able to compete for the welterweight title but due to injury you were forced out is their any update that you will get that title shot back ?

Shamar Bailey: Haven’t heard much else about that organization. There are plenty more out there to choose from.


Justin Godsey: We are about a month a way of your up coming bout vs. Gideon Ray at FFC 2 how are you preparing yourself for the bout ?

Shamar Bailey: Same as always. Hard work. And lots of it. But smarter and wiser. I’m not the young buck that started this game 6 yrs ago anymore.


Justin Godsey: Is their any advice you can give to aspiring MMA fighters ?

Shamar Bailey: Work hard. Live right. Honor God. Keep your family close. Suffer to Win – Matthew 7:13,14


Justin Godsey: Outside the Octagon you work in Indy as a fire fighter is it hard maintain work out’s while working 2 jobs ?

Shamar Bailey: It’s not hard if you enjoy it. But it’s definitely challenging. I’ve had a few relationships fall thru because of my schedule, and there’s not much time for social life. But I’m enjoying my life as it is so why do I need go looking for fun in  night clubs and lounges etc when I’m already living in it;)

God is good.

– Fan Questions –

Brandon Kell: who was your biggest inspiration to become a fighter and who do you look up to now?

Shamar Bailey: I was never inspired to start fighting. I began as just a hobby. I look up to Vitor Belfort and definitely respect Anderson Silva with how he fights and carries himself.

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