Exclusive Interview: Doug Baldwin

Doug Baldwin - Minnesota Vikings v Seattle Seahawks

Note: This interview with Mr. Baldwin happened after last season.


Justin Godsey: How do you stay connected with your Fans ?

Doug Baldwin: Mostly through social media sites like twitter. When I go out to eat and places in public I occasionally meet people recognize me. Other than that, I’m pretty low-key.


Justin Godsey: Who introduced you to the sport of football ?

Doug Baldwin: My mother wanted me to start playing when I was about 6 years of age. She always pushed for me to do constructive activities after school.


Justin Godsey: Growing up in Florida, Did you grow up watching the Dolphins or the Jaguars?

Doug Baldwin: Neither. I have been a fan of the Buffalo Bills since I can remember. I grew up watching greats like Andre Reed and Bruce Smith, Jim Kelly and Thurman Thomas is my all time favorite.


Justin Godsey: Who was your favorite NFL Player growing up ?

Doug Baldwin: Thurman Thomas


Justin Godsey: Tell us about your High School football experience ?

Doug Baldwin: It was different. My high school was not very ethnically diverse. I was one of a handful of African-Americans, so there was a culture difference between my peers and I. However, those experiences allowed me to posses a broader understanding of diverse environments. It makes it a lot easier to communicate in with people in multiple ways.


Justin Godsey: Tell us about your College Recruitment ?

Doug Baldwin: Recruiting was pretty short. Didn’t get that many looks and Stanford was the only big time school that offered. Obviously a no-brainer. I am thankful for the opportunity I was given to attend such a prestigious university.


Justin Godsey: Why did you choose Stanford over colleges such as Louisville, Florida Atlantic and Florida International ?

Doug Baldwin: Like I said, they were the only ones who offered. Not to mention the academic prestige of the university is second to none.


Justin Godsey: What was going through your mind when you 1st stepped on the field as a member of Stanford ?

Doug Baldwin: It was a dream that felt more real than reality. For whatever reason, I felt like I belonged right away. I felt that on the football field is where I belonged.


Justin Godsey: Tell us your emotion that you got when you 1st caught your 1st NCAA TD

Doug Baldwin: My first touchdown was on a reverse actually. And quiet frankly it was a relief. I finally reached the end one. I wanted to get use to that feeling.


Justin Godsey: Tell us a little more about your College Football Experience ?

Doug Baldwin: Freshman an sophomore years were mediocre at best. Our offense was focused on our all-world running back Toby Gerhart – who now plays for the Vikings. So receiving chances were few and far between. However, I didn’t prepare to make the best of those opportunities. – I had lots of drops and missed assignments. Which eventually led to my downfall my junior year – which I had four catches for 78 yards the entire year. After the season I revitalized my senses and dedication to football. With a new offensive coordinator and a new mindset, I was more prepared to take advantage of any opportunity that might come way. The rest is history.


Justin Godsey: How has the Stanford coaching staff prepare you for your NFL career ?

Doug Baldwin: Stanford’s coaching staff was and still is a NFL caliber coaching staff. The hard transition to the NFL was lessened by the fact that our coaches trained us and treated us like we were professionals. In reciprocal we had to carry ourselves as professionals.


Justin Godsey: You went undrafted in the 2011 NFL Draft. But the Seattle Seahawks wanted you on their roster tell us about that phone call.

oug Baldwin: They showed a lot of interest. It made me anxious to get to Seattle. But I still wonder what people thought about me that made them pass on me in the draft.


Justin Godsey: When you 1st came to the Seahawks complex what player helped you out and get situated in with your new team ?

Doug Baldwin: The older WR’s were helpful, but in all actuality as a rookie you kind of have to find your own way. Lockette and myself spent a lot of time together figuring things out.


Justin Godsey: This past season was your rookie season what have you learned last season which will help prepare you for 2012 ?

Doug Baldwin: I’ve learned that you have to work harder and smarter so that when you get an opportunity to perform either on the practice field or on the game field, you are prepared to be successful.


Justin Godsey: What are we to expect from Doug Baldwin Jr. and the Seattle Seahawks team in 2012 ?

Doug Baldwin: Stay Tuned


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